Single Cultivar

Gentile di Anghiari

Suggestion for use: ideal for dressing fish Carpaccio, artichoke salad and truffle.

Carnaroli rice with artichoke cream served with sweetbreads roasted with white truffle

using Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘Gentile di Anghiari’

area of production

Fiorano, Città di Castello


Pure Gentile di Anghiari

average altitude

400 mt

average age of olive trees

50 years

type of pruning

Open pot

harvest type

By hand

crushing method

Continuous cycle


Cold 27°

available sizes

0,10 – 0,25 – 0,50 litre

Cook the rice with an artichoke broth, made from the boiled artichoke leaves.
For the artichoke cream make a base with scallions, leek, extra virgin olive oil and thyme.
Add the cleaned artichokes that have been cut into points.
Lightly fry and simmer with white wine. Once they are cooked, purée them adding extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste. Sieve the cream.
The sweetbreads should be cooked in a vegetable broth, then roasted and glazed.
Place the rice and artichokes on the plate, with the sweetbreads and white truffle shavings on top. Serve in a soup plate. Finish with a drizzle of ‘Gentile di Anghiari’.

They are five splendid oils with different characteristics; perfect ingredients for a cuisine of both meat and fish “earth and sea” capable of exacting the raw materials.
This is the reason way I chose the olive oils of Azienda Dante Sambuchi, devoted lover of quality and wellness.