DOP Umbria – Hills of lake Trasimeno


Intense Fruity Flavour: ideal for bread, vegetables soups, red meat and especially char-grilled meats.

Wild duck breast glazed with honey served with duck thigh confit, pumpkin purée scented with Amaretto o smoked aubergine

using Extra Virgin Oil ‘Vignolo’

area of production

Fiorano, Città di Castello


Moraiolo, Frantoio, Dolce Agogia

average altitude

350 – 450 mt

average age of olive trees

New planting

type of pruning

Open pot, single-cone

harvest type

By hand

crushing method

Continuous cycle


Cold 27°

available sizes

0,10 – 0,25 – 0,50 – 0,75 e 3 litre

Debone two wild ducks, taking the thighs and the breasts. Trim the breasts well and debone the thighs. Add salt, pepper and wild fennel; close the thigh and tie with string. Cook the confit in extra virgin olive oil for 5-7 hours at 85°C. When they are cooked, put them in a vacuum pack with the breasts. Roast the breasts and confit on a grill with extra virgin olive oil, sage and garlic. Make them golden and baste with butter. Keep them warm.
The pumpkin cream: cut the pumpkin into cubes and put them on a tray with extra virgin olive oil, salt, sage and garlic. Cover with aluminium foil and cook at 170°C. When they are cooked, purée them with extra virgin olive oil, also adding some amaretto. For the aubergine cream, cut the aubergine in half, adding extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and wild fennel. Close the halves together, cover with foil and cook over the flame of the stove. When they are cooked, take the pulp from with aubergine and purée with extra virgin olive oil, adding salt and pepper to taste. To serve, place the aubergine cream and pumpkin cream under the sliced duck breast. The confit next to the breast with 2/3 broccoli (broiled then lightly pan fried) on top. Place a slice of dried orange on top of the breast and drizzle with the Vignolo oil.

They are five splendid oils with different characteristics; perfect ingredients for a cuisine of both meat and fish “earth and sea” capable of exacting the raw materials.
This is the reason way I chose the olive oils of Azienda Dante Sambuchi, devoted lover of quality and wellness.